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Residential Property Maintenance
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We Offer Residential Property Maintenance Solutions for Livonia Businesses & Beyond!

Our team of professionals can handle all your residential property needs. We offer Lawn Maintenance including Fertilizing – Spring, Summer & Fall Treatments, Seeding, Weed Control ​& Landscaping. Serving Metro Detroit and all of Wayne and Oakland Counties! Call us today for a quote!
Lawn Maintenance

Lawn Maintenance



Irrigation Systems

Irrigation Systems




Paver Installation / Repair

Lawn Fertilizing

Lawn Fertilizing


Lawn Fertilizing / Seeding / Weed Control / Aeration

At Premier Property Maintenance we offer up to seven different aeration, fertilization, and weed treatments. Each treatment is applied at just the right time of the season to deliver the absolute best results possible. Our approximate treatment schedule is below:

Spring/Fall Core Aeration: Helps loosen compacted soil from winter, saves water & reduces thatch by removing cores. Highly recommended for every lawn.

Early Spring: (Mar 15 – May 15) Complete balanced fertilizer for quick green, pre-emergent crabgrass control, and broadleaf weed control. (Weather permitting)

Late Spring: (May 16 – June 20) Complete balanced fertilizer, broadleaf weed control for dandelions, chickweed etc. This treatment will help prepare your lawn for the hot summer months ahead! *Insect control as needed

Early Summer: (June 21 – July 31) Non-burning, Slow Release Balanced Fertilizer & Spot Weed Control as needed. This is the time
for season-long grub prevention.

Late Summer: (Aug 1 – Sept 1) Non-burning, Slow Release Balanced Fertilizer & Spot Weed Control as needed. *Insect control as needed.

Early Fall: (Sept 1 – Oct 1) Complete Balanced Fertilizer & Broadleaf weed control for winter hardiness.

Late Fall: (Oct 1 – Dec 1) Winter Formula Fertilizer, promotes root growth & structure through winter & gives a faster Spring green-up!

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Grub Control

Grub worms are as ugly as the damage they cause. These pests are so sneaky that it’s often difficult to even know they’re doing damage until it’s too late. Worse yet, they usually pick the lushest lawns to feast on.

Grub worms are white, C-shaped larvae that are in the developmental stage of May, June or Japanese beetles. These pests are found in the soil below the thatch layer of your lawn, and they feed on the roots of grass plants. When left untreated, grubs can cause severe damage to turf grass in a short period of time.

Our Grub Preventative program takes a new approach to grub control by applying the treatment in mid-June. The treatment is applied to the soil and taken up by plant roots. It lasts longer and requires a lower dosage than other types of traditional grub treatments. Unlike other treatments, this treatment is applied weeks before grubs are active so that grass plants have time to take it in. If you miss the timing of our application, standard applications still work.

Perimeter Pest Control

Premier Property Maintenance offers insect control services that are designed to reduce the presence of: ants, spiders, creepy-crawlies, bugs, crickets and lots of other little pests with lots of legs. We provide outdoor pest control, perimeter pest control and home pest control that helps to decrease the number of bugs and pests from the foundation and exterior of your home.

You don’t have to know exactly what they are for Premier to help reduce them, and prevent them from returning. Our home insect control services can identify your insect pest problems and reduce their presence from your home with our perimeter pest control program which treats the foundation and edges of your home to create a barrier of protection. Outdoor pest control and perimeter pest control are very safe solutions and mean no treatment inside the home is necessary, so you don’t even have to be home at the time of service.


I Highly Recommend This Company!

I've used this company now for 7 seasons and my grass went from nearly zero when we moved in in 2012, to gorgeous by middle of 2013. At first sign of any bugs, grubs or other issues, one call and they are on it. I regularly refer friends to them and have never been disappointed.

Brian Ashley

WOW! Kevin and his team are great!

I have never been disappointed with their work. I would HIGHLY recommend them for snow removal and lawn care for your building or complex.

William S, Director of Building Maintenance

I Definitely Recommend Premier Property Maintenance

The team at Premier goes above and beyond the call of duty. We have a contract in place that makes sure we are covered at all times!

Sara K, Maintenance Supervisor

Highly recommended!!!

Kevin and Premier Property Maintenance never lets me down! They are a 5 start company with a track record to prove it. If you go with anyone else, you went with the wrong company.

Bill S, Property Manager